We continue to be very busy with a wide range of projects across the country for clients of all sizes.
Read a brief summary of our latest success stories here:

South West England – New Contract
Acting jointly for an independent pharmacist and a multiple group we have been successful in securing a new pharmacy contract in a large south west town despite a competing application being considered at the same time. Our client already owns a ‘non-contract’ pharmacy so looks forward to being able to dispense NHS prescriptions from these premises in the near future.

Greater Manchester – Temporary relocation
One of our local multiple clients contacted us after complications on their existing lease meant that they were forced to vacate their existing property for a short period of time at very short notice. We contacted the local area team, explained the position our clients found themselves in and managed to negotiate a temporary relocation under Regulation 29 to trade from an adjoining shop until their original unit became available again.

Our clients are now back in their original unit and trading successfully

Hertfordshire – consolidation
Our client wished to buy a nearby pharmacy owned by a small group to consolidate into his existing business. PSC successfully managed the application for consolidation and, despite some challenging questions being raised by NHS England, approval has recently been received for the consolidation to go ahead.

This is an increasingly popular option for pharmacy owners given the continuing highly difficult trading conditions for pharmacy owners.

Presentation to Hampshire LPC
PSC were recently invited to make a presentation to the newly appointed Hampshire Local Pharmaceutical Committee. Some members of the committee were less familiar with the NHS Regulations than those who had stepped down so we were able to provide a ‘market entry masterclass’ to the whole committee to improve their knowledge in this area.

LPCs are provided with the opportunity to comment on any new applications made in their area so it is important that they feel confident in this important role. The presentation appears to have been well received as we have subsequently been recommended to the Dorset LPC committee so will be running a masterclass for them in September.

Manchester – relocation
PSC have successfully achieved approval for the relocation of an existing independent pharmacy to a much better trading location where our client already owned a suitable property which had previously traded as a 100-hour pharmacy.

South West – pharmacy sale
Our client, who wished to retire, owned a small pharmacy that had been opened as a new contract a few years ago. Despite being located in a popular tourist area, prescription numbers were fairly low due to the small population.
We successfully identified suitable purchasers who had recently sold their business and were looking to move to the south west for a lifestyle change. They are now looking to inject new energy into the pharmacy and are confident they will be able to grow the business in the coming months and years.

Surrey – relocation
We had successfully secured a new pharmacy contract several years ago for independent clients in an affluent Surrey village. The pharmacy was originally located inside a post office as premises had been difficult to find when the contract was granted.

As the owners of the post office wished to sell their property , our clients needed to find new premises for the pharmacy business at fairly short notice. Even though the distance of the relocation was short, our client employed our services to make the application for them as timescales were very tight so it was critical that the application was approved. Approval was granted without any objections or appeal from local competing pharmacy owners and our clients look forward to relocating the pharmacy within the next few weeks.