For the second time in a fortnight, PSC have been successful in securing a new standard pharmacy contract for a client.

On this occasion our client, who had no experience of pharmacy applications, submitted an application to cover the whole of Leicester, unaware that a reasonably specific location needed to be provided. After discussions with NHS England, the location was amended to the suburb of Birstall, to the north of the city.

We were contacted by the client at the point objections to the application were received from other pharmacy contractors. At this stage were able to advise the client of the regulatory considerations but could do little until NHS England made their decision.

Inevitably the application was refused but PSC drafted a strong appeal including providing clarity on the intended location for the pharmacy. The Appeal Authority convened an oral hearing to decide the application which we attended with our client and put forward a persuasive argument to the committee. Despite objections at the hearing from one of the large multiples, after careful consideration the appeal authority overturned the decision made by NHS England and granted the application to our client.

PSC have now secured 15 new pharmacy contracts since the current regulations came into force.